Partnership with Parents - Fee Structure

It is important for parents to share information with the nursery staff about a child’s development and learning as this helps to facilitate a positive relationship. This starts at the very beginning of your child’s time with us with an ‘All about Me’ and ‘All about my Child’ form outlining your child’s current capabilities and likes and dislikes. We use ‘Learning Journeys’ to record our observations and plan for the children’s learning during the forthcoming term.


We encourage parents to continue talking about work and topics that we have been doing at nursery at home. We also encourage parents to use ‘WOW’ vouchers recording significant achievement in the child’s life which we then share with the group and put on our ‘WOW WALL’.


We actively encourage parents to help at the Nursery and operate a parent helper rota. Seeing mum, dad, grandparents or carer helping at Nursery School helps your child feel a strong sense of belonging and gives you a chance to see your child in action! Ample opportunities are provided for parents to discuss their child’s progress, either before or after each session; or by way of coffee mornings, parent consultations or one of the other social events. We also have a notice board with useful information and a half termly newsletter and weekly emails to keep everyone up to date.


Moving on to School  

During a child’s time with us, we introduce them to a variety of activities and experiences that encourage them to solve problems, make decisions and become independent learners.


We use activities that provide mathematical concepts for example, big and small, different shapes, full and empty, as well as numbers. This can be done in a variety of ways, including water and sand play, construction toys, painting and sticking and outdoor play.


We use scales for weighing objects, do floating and sinking experiments and do lots of cookery in our children’s kitchen which incorporates many mathematical and scientific aspects.


Children are encouraged to look at books and pictures, listen to stories and telling them, identifying words and signs in the environment, copying patterns – all exposing the children to letters and the first steps to reading. Our school leavers are provided with ‘letter bags’ to take home, which are a fun way to encourage letter sounds and letter recognition.


Children have their own  name badges which they are encouraged to pick out and stick onto a board daily. They are also encouraged to write their own names on their ‘work’ and their name cards.We liaise closely with all the local primary schools and arrange for the reception teachers to visit the children in the Nursery


Little Oaks Fee Structure

Little Oaks Forest School

Terms and Conditions

Childcare Options:

  • Full Day = 8.00am – 4.30pm
  • Half day (morning) = 8.00am – 1pm
  • Half day (afternoon) = 1pm – 5.30pm With (Tea Club)
  • Morning session = 9.00am – 1pm
  • Afternoon session = 1pm – 4.30pm
  • Tea Club = 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Tea Club : Tea Club is available on a Wednesday and Thursday, and costs £10 extra.

A minimum of 6 week’s notice for all session changes or notice to terminate must be given.

Children must be registered for a minimum of two seperate sessions per week.

Fee Payment:

Fees must be paid one month in advance by the last day of the previous month.

Failure to pay within 3 days of the invoice will result in the loss of the childcare place.

Payment is required by Standing Order or BACS. The Little Oaks Bank account details are shown on the invoice for internet and telephone banking payments.

A £30 non refundable registration fee will apply once your child has a place confirmed.

A £200 refundable deposit will be required along with your first months payment before the first day your child starts. This will be refunded on your last invoice with the school when your child leaves. 

No Cash or cheque payments will be accepted.

Enquiries regarding Fees and invoicing please contact